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  • Nicole S.

    As a buyer in the Oakland market, you cannot get representation to help find you a home from anyone better than Lisa Cartolano. Starting in the summer of 2013, we began looking for a larger home, as we had outgrown our 2-1 with the addition of our third child. We worked with Lisa for nearly 9 months by the time we got into our new home at the end of January 2014, and through the wild ride, she was our rock! First, Lisa has a lot of experience in the Oakland area, with solid relationships with other agents and the local real estate professional community. Second, Lisa is smart and honest. She really listened to us and understood what we wanted in our new home. Third, Lisa is extremely accessible and punctual to a fault. Whenever we called to ask to see a home, she would usually have something set up within an hour of our request and at a time that worked with our schedules. Fourth, Lisa is an advocate, which is exactly what you need when dealing with multiple offer Bay area home purchases. Along the way, we made 4 offers, and each time, Lisa personally presented our offer to the sellers, pitching us and our family as the best buyers for the homes we wanted. We bumped into one of the agents to whom Lisa pitched one of our offers, and she told us that Lisa did a fantastic job for us in the presentation. Needless to say, with Lisa's help, we ended up in a fantastic new home, which we love. It literally has all of the features we listed when we started the process. The close process for us was not the smoothest (through no fault of Lisa), and if Lisa had not been our Realtor with the connections she had, the deal very likely would have fallen apart. The bottom line is that based on our experience, we would ask Lisa to represent us again in a heartbeat, in another purchase or if we ever decide to sell one of our homes. Thanks for helping make our dream come true Lisa!
  • Wade C.

    My wife and I used Ellen Diamond as our real estate agent to find the first home that we bought this summer. We loved her. Ellen was initially recommended to us by a real estate agent friend in San Francisco when we decided to move to the east bay, so we had no idea what to expect. We actually interviewed multiple agents when we decided to take the plunge and we chose Ellen. From the get-go, she was attentive and patient with us and proactive with our search. She explained to us the ins-and-outs of exploring neighborhoods, finding the right house and then closing in and making the purchase. She spent a lot of time with us in the beginning checking out different homes and then was flexible with our style of searching that developed where we would look ourselves and then brought her in if we were intrigued or interested in a place. Several different times, Ellen got us into a house that we had heard about before it officially opened for open houses-- which put us in the prime position to consider an offer. At every step of the way, we felt like we had a loyal advocate and advisor in Ellen. She also has a great reputation among other realtors, which we found is very helpful for hearing about places coming online for sale. The whole process involved ups and downs with offers and decisions, and we were SO thankful to have Ellen with us. She made the whole adventure a positive experience. It goes without saying that I'd strongly recommend her to friends and families looking for a great agent.
  • Zack D.

    My wife and I recently bought a home in El Cerrito Ca. We knew the market was tough and that homes were selling for way over the asking price so we were expecting a rough road ahead. As soon as we met Lisa and Ellen we were blown away with their professionalism. They made us feel very comfortable from the beginning. Lisa and Ellen were extremely patient with us since we were first time buyers and didn't know much about the process. They always made themselves available and were super responsive. They were thorough and made sure we understood the contracts and what to watch for when putting in an offer. Also, their knowledge of the East Bay neighborhoods is impeccable. It was truly an amazing experience and even though we were outbid a few times, Lisa and Ellen always made us feel optimistic. We knew, having them on our side, we would find our dream home. Sure enough, we did and we couldn't be happier! Ellen negotiated with a tough seller, worked late nights and never gave up on getting us into our dream home! Lisa and Ellen are one incredible team and we feel so very lucky to have worked with them! And most importantly, they are great people!
  • Paul T.

    My partner and I worked with Lisa and Ellen on the recent purchase of our home in the Maxwell Park area of Oakland. Although we had purchased a condo before, the loan rules and market situation have changed so much that we felt like nervous, first-time home buyers. In this competitive market, choosing the right agent became a really important decision. We were so lucky to have selected Lisa and Ellen and couldn't be happier with that decision. Both of them were true professionals. They stayed in communication, diligently answered our questions, and generally went the extra mile to be sure that we bought the right house for us. They remained patient when were were outbid on a few properties and offered enough encouragement to keep us going. Their team approach provided a perfect blend of complementary skills, schedules, and personalities. They're honest, funny, and very well informed about the local market. If we ever buy another house in the Bay area, we'll definitely ask Ellen and Lisa to be our agents. We've already recommended them highly to others, and now recommend them to the world on Yelp!
  • Rachel L.

    In Nov. 2012 my husband and I bought our 2nd home. With our expanded family, our cozy 2 bedroom/1 bath house wasn't a good fit any longer. It was a tough decision to jump into the market again, but with Lisa as our realtor, we had full confidence we would be successful. Ultimately we found our current home, a short sale (in surprisingly great condition), through Lisa. AND since we wanted to hold onto our first home so we could rent it out (not the right market to sell), we hired Lisa to list the home as a rental property and to screen potential tenants. She found a fabulous fit for us, at the rent we were looking for, during the holidays when traditionally there is little rental market movement. Lisa and Ellen are a dynamic duo! Though we worked much more often with Lisa (98% of the time), when she wasn't available for a short time during the summer, Ellen always was willing to show a home or provide the backstory on a home we were interested in. We think the world of Lisa, and for those concerned about jumping into the market, with Lisa by your side, there's no reason to fear.
  • Donte W.

    Lisa and Ellen together are an awesome team! They were very personable, flexible relative to time, knowledgeable, patient, and responsive. My wife and I were in a unique situation, and both Ellen and Lisa took the time to really understand our situation relative to family and finance, and what we were trying to accomplish. Due to this understanding we were able to collectively strategize to find exactly what we were looking for. Well, after lots of offers we finally found the house we were looking for and Ellen and Lisa were very diligent in ensuring that we were finally able to find a home that afforded us all that we were looking for. Furthermore, the professional relationships that they have cultivated with other service providers (loan brokers, appraisers, "workmen" of various kinds) really benefitted us by making it convenient to purchase a home. Overall, Ellen and Lisa did a fantastic job and we ended up with the home we will love for years to come!
  • Leigh M.

    I was fortunate to find Lisa and Ellen as realtors when I was transitioning from apartment living in Oakland to buying a home. I have lived in the East Bay for many years and own a condo in another city. My work brought me to Oakland and I decided that I wanted to make it my home. I wasn't familiar with the various neighborhoods here, and Lisa and Ellen showed me a great variety of homes! They were always available to show me properties when my schedule allowed. After a lot of searching, we found the perfect place in the Oakland Hills that I now call home! Ellen and Lisa were so helpful with the buying process, making sure that I had all of the contacts that I needed to make sure that my best interests were served. I would highly recommend them to anyone buying in the Oakland area! They have become more than just my realtors, they are very respected friends!
  • Javier T.

    From the day we met Ellen, she was fully engaged in helping us find our new home in Oakland. Her knowledge of Oakland neighborhoods was invaluable in helping us select an appropriate space that would address our needs and lifestyle, and her patience and market expertise helped calm us when we hit any bumps in the road (of which there were several). She went way beyond our expectations in gathering information and comparisons, arranging viewings, drafting appropriate offers, dealing with the rejection of said offers, all the way to the signing of loan papers for our new condo near MacArthur BART. Buying our first home in the Bay Area seemed like a scary, overwhelming experience, and I'm extremely glad we had Ellen to help us through it. If we had to do this again, we would definitely ask her for help!
  • Starlet S.

    We couldn't have gotten a better real estate agent to get us to our dream! With her wealth of knowledge, Ellen is friendly, kind, and she patiently held our hands from the very beginning to end, in and out of house contenders, and made us feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. She responded to all of our questions and concerns promptly. She also went above and beyond to find out more information when necessary. Ellen sat down with us and worked on a solid strategy for our counter offer. Ours turned out to be the offer that the seller couldn't refuse! No stopping there, Ellen helped us tremendously with all the daunting paper work and proactively moved things forward. We realize that we absolutely couldn't have done it without her. We highly recommend Ellen Diamond!
  • Gabrielle G.

    It doesn't get any better than this! Ellen Diamond is, as her name implies, a gem of the highest quality! That someone so knowledgeable could be so down-to-earth, patient and understanding through what could be a harrowing process is amazing. Our house-buying process -- a short sale, no less -- was anxiety-free, smooth as butter and dare-I-say-it, FUN! I never worried. I knew I was in good hands. I trusted Ellen with everything -- and she never let us down. She is a rare find -- a deeply kind person with a big heart and a thorough and complete knowledge of her business. I've already recommended her to my oldest friend! I would use her again in a heartbeat! In fact, as soon as we can scare up some more funds, we will be knocking at her door!
  • Jill C.

    I worked with Lisa when I moved from New York to San Francisco this spring. Lisa made what can be a painstaking process so easy and fun. When I first started looking I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy a house in East Bay or a loft in San Francisco. Lisa spent many Sundays with me driving around from open house to open house whether that was in East Bay or San Francisco. She provided a lot of great insight on the market as well as pros and cons of house versus loft. Most of all, Lisa has a great sense of humor which is critical considering the process can get pretty tedious and stressful. I would recommend Lisa to anyone looking to buy real estate. She took the stress and pain points out of the process.
  • Martha C.

    I would like to endorse Ellen Diamond for many reasons. She understood my financial crisis and took the extra step to help me stay out of foreclosure while offering assistance with rentals and affordable properties. She was always ready to respond when I had a question. She is reassuring and resourceful. Ellen helped me move forward in ways I couldn't have without her support. She priced my house well and it sold within 2 weeks all cash well over asking price. She was there for me every step of the way. Along with her knowledge of the market, she has a great attitude and patience beyond belief. I was a tough customer and it didn't phase her in the least. I highly recommend working with her.
  • Jim & Ricardo

    I recently bought a home in Laurel District, Oakland. I had been watching the market for over a year. When we visited the open house for the condo we bought I knew I this was the property for us. Luckily I had recently connected with Lisa Cartolano. As soon as I met her I knew there was a connection and that she would do a great job in securing us a home. Lisa helped us make our first offer on a home and guided us through the negotiation process. She was able to win the home for us even though there were multiple offers. Lisa held our hand through the inspections and the unexpected details. She made the process as painless as possible.
  • Julie B.

    We just used Lisa's services again. This time she helped my father-in-law buy a home. It was not easy as he was living on the East Coast at the time. She sent both of us updates, took my husband and me to look at houses, and basically stuck with the process for close to a year. The result is that we found a great home for my father-in-law. Lisa is patient, knowledgeable, and down to earth. We never once felt pushed to make any sort of decision. She was truly concerned about my father-in-law's well-being rather than making a commission. That is what makes Lisa so special. I cannot recommend her services enough.
  • Avanti G.

    My fiance and I worked with Lisa in Jan 2011 when we were interested in buying a condo in Oakland/Berkeley. Lisa worked very patiently with us as we explored neighborhoods, price ranges, etc. We never felt pressured and Lisa was always easy to reach by e-mail/phone whenever we had questions. We weren't 100% sure of what we wanted when we started and we slowly figured this out while we condo hunted. We eventually ended up buying a condo in Jack London area and have been happy with our choice. We would recommend Lisa wholeheartedly for anyone looking to buy in the East Bay.
  • Cathy F.

    Ellen Diamond helped my family buy a house for my daughter and her partner. She was very patient in showing property, and when we found a house to buy on a short sale, she was attentive to regular follow-up with the lender during the approval process. I am convinced that her regular follow up saved us time in the long run. I also found Ellen's recommendations of professionals (like inspectors) to be super helpful. Ellen is analytical and smart, well-connected and respectful. I give her my highest recommendation!
  • Marcela C.

    I worked with Lisa Cartolano for months, and with her support bought my first home successfully. She was extremely professional and I was very impressed with her services. I cannot say enough to express how pleased I was with her work and how much I appreciated her patience, advice, understanding and flexibility during the ongoing search and purchase of my property. I recommend her highly and look forward to working with her again for my next big investment.
  • Deborah M.

    It took me four months to find a home in Oakland. I was still living in So Cal so I had the internet and Lisa and Ellen to rely on. With all the questions I had, they hung in there. Always calling back and when I showed up in town she or Ellen were there to show different homes. What a great combo! When I finally found a house I had a 13 day escrow. Lisa had to pull some strings and everything went well.
  • Jennifer C.

    Lisa is an amazingly professional and skilled Realtor. She handled mine and my husband's concerns with ease. Her extensive knowledge of the area where we were looking for a home was astounding and incredibly helpful. She did a great job of trying to get the best deal for us, rather than inflating her own commission and she made us feel taken care of. I would recommend her to anyone!
  • Reginald P.

    I have an active brokers license and prefer to have them as representatives of my personal real estate transactions!! Words does not give their service justice! I highly recommend working with them to see how difficult it is to put into words the joy you feel! Outstanding partnership!
  • Carrie R.

    Lisa and Ellen were very meticulous and thorough in getting good buyers for our short sales. Most of all, they concluded the deals in record time. They make a number one team and will forever be my FIRST choice for real estate sales or purchases.
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